I do not often ride a bike, can I do an ebike tour ?

    YES ! E-bikes are extremely stable and convenient for everyone. It is easy to ride and enables you to enjoy the tour and the landscape differently. Ebikes are very comfortable and you won't have any pain the day after :-)

    How should I dress up ?

    It is not a sportive activity. Wear comfy clothes adapted to the season. You can wear a jeans, hoodie, short, basket shoes, windbreaker jacket. Do not forget your sunglasses ! A light poncho is included for light showers.

    I feel hungry during the tour, do you include a snack ?

    YES ! Petite Reine is in charge of everything. We provide a flask and a yummy snack with local products.

    I want to see the sunrise at Pointe du Hoc, is it possible ?

    YES ! Petite Reine ebike tours are private tours. Everything is possible ! Contact us for a tailor made tour.

    We are family, is it possible to do a tour with children ?

    Petite Reine offers 3 possibilities for tours with children. It depends on their size and age. We have bike, child bike trailer or seat. Contact us !

    Do you have a special price for children ?

    Yes we do !

    Just ask wich tour and your sizes and for sure we'll do a special trip for you !

    I booked and it is rainy the day of the tour, how things are going on ?

    We provide ponchos for light shower. If it is raining, we are lucky, the weather changes quickly on the coast. 

    All you need is to wear a waterproof jacket. If it is raining cats and dogs, we can start the tour with the van and depending on sunny spells, we can finish riding ebikes.


    Do not worry, last year we did not cancel a tour because of the bad weather ! :-)

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